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Above Ground Pools

Complete Aboveground and Exercise Pools


Swimming Pools Etc. offers the best in Above Ground Pools and your Above Ground Pool Needs. Our pools are made to allow your family to enjoy your swimming time to the maximum. Our Pools are easily installed and the best manufactured above ground pools out there.

Our pools offer the highest quality for you and your family. Whether you are looking for a good quality pool at an affordable price, or the best above ground pool out there, Swimming Pools Etc has the swimming pool for you. Below is the swimming pools and pool kits we have to offer.


Cantar Above Ground Swimming Pools

Cantar's Matrix Pool in a Box
A round Aboveground pool is pictured here. Cantar's Matrix Pool-In-A-Box pools are designed to assemble quickly and easily by do-it-yourselfers.
The system includes everything you need to get an above ground pool up in a weekend. Whether you choose a 18 Foot Round or 24 Foot Round your system will include everything you need to get a pool up fast and economically.
Click here to see the different varieties and sizes available!

Intex Easyset Aboveground Complete Pool System

Intex Easy Set Pool 15'x36"

The Intex 15 ft inflatable ring Wet Set pool requires no tools to assemble. Tough sidewalls that are triple strong made with three separate layers for extra strength. The two outer layers are made of heavy duty PVC laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for reinforcement. The liner is supported by an inflatable top ring while the pool goes up on its owns as the water level rises. Convenient drain plug for easy draining. Connects to garden hose so the water can be drained away from the pool area.

Pool set-up and maintenance video included
Capacity at 80% equals 2,561 gallons
Size: 15 foot diameter x 36 inches high

Product Number
Product Name
ITX-EASYSET Intex Easy Set Aboveground Pool System


I Pool - Pool Fitness - Excersise Pool System

I Pool - Pool Fitness
Known as the best form of exercise to train or strengthen the cardiovascular system, swimming minimizes the stress and impact on joints that typically leads to the most common muscular and spinal injuries. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to swimming. Traditional swimming pools cost over $25,000 to install, require large backyards, and are difficult to maintain.

For parents who have children, traditional swimming pools can be dangerous areas requiring constant supervision. Not all health clubs provide members with access to swimming, and pools at health clubs are loaded with harsh chemicals because of the volume of people that use the pool (and the bacteria that results). Similarly, community swimming pools are crowded, contain harsh chemicals, and are not always accessible at times convenient to your schedule.

Product Number
Product Name
FTM-IPL I Pool Exercise System - 10ft x 6.5ft - FTM-IPL


I Pool FAQ's

Ipure Pool is picutured.  It is a rectangle and has an apparatus attached that allows the swimmier to swim in place


Fitmax introduces iPool, a low-cost alternative for people seeking the low-impact, high-energy exercise that swimming provides. iPool costs thousands less than traditional swimming pools or propulsion system swimming machines like Endless Pools, Swim Gym, or Badujet, but allows the user to swim without the hassle of turning around. In fact, iPool costs about as much as a treadmill or a Bowflex.

More importantly, iPool takes up only six square meters of space, less than a minivan or even some sedans. iPool fits almost anywhere, whether within the garage or your backyard. IPool uses about $3 of water to fill up, and can be assembled in 30 minutes. Because it is so easy to assemble and uses minimum parts, it is portable and can also be taken anywhere that you wish to go, whether on camping trips or on extended visits to family and friends.

IPool Features:
  • iPool is the latest innovation in resistance swimming.
  • iPool provides low-cost alternative for swimming.
  • iPool takes up only 6 square meters of spaces to install.
  • iPool fits anywhere, whether within the garage or the backyard.
  • iPool uses about $3.00 of water to fill up.
  • iPool is easy to assemble, it takes about 30 minutes to install.
  • iPool does not require chlorine to clean the water, it's your option to have it.
  • iPool is your personal swimming pool, swimming is the best exercise.
  • iPool can teach you how to swim, free style, breast stroke, back stroke, or butterfly.
  • iPool is your private swimming pool, it is safer, cleaner, and better.


Above Ground Pool Accessories

Click here for a complete list of above ground pool accessories.


Pool Liner Accessories More Accessories
 - Easy Bottom
 - RhinoGuard - Liner Protection
 - Simple Bottom
 - Premium Wall Foam
 - Easy Cove
 - Overlap Coping
 - Bead Receiver
 - Above Ground Skimmers
 - Automatic Pool Cleaners
 - Winter Covers 
 - Solar Covers
 - Maintenance Kit




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