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AO Smith Pool Motor Cross Reference Chart

Swimming Pools Etc carries a full line of A.O. Smith replacement motors. These motors are the same standard of high quality motors that came with your original oem pool equipment. Your new replacement motor will have your swimming pool pump, spa pump, or pool cleaner up and running again just like new. 
We always recommend replacing your shaft seal when you replace your pool motor. Click on the Shaft Seal selection or try an Aladdin Go-Kit.  These are inexpensive, convenient kits that include recommended replacement parts for replacing your pool motor such as: Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Bushings, and Clips.  Also, don't forget to purchase Aladdin Magic Lube - this product provides an effective way to keep o-ring seals lubricated, greatly extending their life and preventing metal-on-metal contact.  You can protect your motor investment with a Universal Pool Motor Cover.

New Regal Beloit EPC, Inc. replacement motors here.

Pool Motor and Spa Motor Manufacturers and Models
Select the manufacturer of your pool pump from the left to see all replacement motors for that manufacturer, or select your model on the right to find your AO Smith Pool Motor.

Acura Spa Motors:

Spa Pumps

American Products Pool Motors:

Airwick Dynaflo Pool MotorsAmericana Pool MotorsAmericana II Pool MotorsEagle Pool MotorsPower Pump Pool MotorsUltra-Flow Pool Motors

Aqua Flo Spa Motors:

A and AC Series Spa MotorsDominator High Head D, DE Series Spa MotorsDominator Medium Head Spa MotorsFlo-Master, FMCP & FMHP Spa MotorsTub Master Spa Motors


Anthony Pool Motors:

AR204-L and AR206-L Pool Motors

Arneson Pool Sweep Motors:

 Pool Sweep Motors

Artesian Pool Motors:

 Turbo King Motors

Astral Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

Astra Max Pool Motors and Spa Motors2000 Series Pool Motors or Spa Motors, Sena Pool Motors and Spa Motors

Baker Hydro Pool Motors:

Hydron Pool Motors

Doughboy/Lomart/Hoffinger Pool Sweep Motors:

CW and CCW Pool Sweep Motors

Flo Pro Pool Motors:

Flo Pro K - Series, KM Series, KH Series, and KHM Series Pool Motors

Hayward Pool Motors:

5060 Pool Sweep Motors6060 Pool Sweep MotorsMax-Flo 1800 and 2800 Pool MotorsNorthstar SP4000X Pool Motors, Power Flo Matrix Pool MotorsPower-Flo 1500 Series Pool MotorsPower-Flo II 1700 & 1900 Series Pool MotorsPower-Flo 1900SD Series Pool MotorsPower-Flo III Pool MotorsSuper Pump 1600, 1600X, 2600, 2600X Pool MotorsSuper II 3000, 3000X Pool MotorsTristar Pool MotorsTurbo-Flo 2075, 2175 Pool  Motors

Heldor Pool Motors:

E-Z Flo Pool Motors

Jaccuzzi Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

Bronze Pool Motors, Cygnet CYG Series Pool Motors, LR, LRDV, LCM, LCU, SLR Pool Motors, Magnum Pool Motors, Magnum Plus Pool Motors, Magnum Force Pool Motors, P, PC, EP, UP Series Pool Motors, R-Series R, UR, ER, RT, URT, RC, URC, RTC, URTC Series Pool Motors, SLR Series Pool Pump Motors, ULS, ULSB (bronze, ULSC (cast iron) Full Rated Pool Pump MotorsVector (LVL) Pool Pump Motors

Jandy Pool Motors:

Max MHP, MHPU before 2006 Pool Motors, Max MHPM 2006 to current Pool Motors, High Head HHP, HHPU Pool Motors, Plus HP before 2006 Pool Motors, Plus HP, PHPM & PHPHF 2006 Pool Motors, Stealth Before 2006 Pool Motors, Stealth 2006 to Current Full Rated Pool Motors

K-D Pools Pool Motors:

S7LR6 Pre 1995 Pool MotorsS1K (1995 to 1998) Pool MotorsS7K (1995 to 1998) Pool Motors

Leslie's Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

Hydramax II SP-LE-40010 to SP-LE-40019 Pool MotorsHydramax A/G SP-LE-40022 to SP-LE-40026 Pool MotorsPowerMax SP2600 series Pool Motors

Letro Pool Sweep Motors:

Letro Pool Sweep Motors

Marlow/ITT Marlow Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

AF - Series Pool Motors, Argonaut Pool Motors, H - Series Pool Motors, Mardur Pool Motors

Hydrotech Pool Motors:

AquaTron before 6/92 Pool Motors, AquaTron II After 6/92 Pool Motors, A & AH Series Pool Motors, Challenger Pool Motors, Dynamite Pool Motors, Dynamo Motors and Dynatron Pool Motors, HydroPump Pool Motors, OptiFlo Pool Motors, IntelliFlo Pool Motors, IntelliPro Pool Motors, Pinnacle Pool Motors pre 11/1/94, Pinnacle Pool Motors post 11/1/94, Quietflo Pump Motors, SuperFlo Pool Motors, Ultra-Flo Pool Motors, WhisperFlo WF Pool Motors, WhisperFlo WFE Pool Motors

Pinch A Penny Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

PE90 Pool Motors, PE91 Pool Motors

Polaris Pool Sweep Motors:

PB4-60 Booster Pump Pool Sweep Motors

Premier/Springwater Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

120T Series Pool Motors, 220/225 Series (Pre 1988) Spa Motors, 225/255 Series Pool Pump Motors and Spa Motors, 300, 320, 325 355 Series Spa Motors, 455 Bronze & 456 B/N Series Pool Pump Motor and Spa Motor, 500 Series Pool Motors, 600 Series Bronze Pool Motors, Renegade Spa Motors

Sonfarrel Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

H&L Pool Motors and Spa Motors, Pool Master Pool Pump Motors, Spa Master H&L Spa Motors

Speck Pump Pool Motors:

HydroStar Pool Motors, E90 Pool Motors, E91 Pool Motors

Sta Rite Pool Motors:

ABG Pool Motors, CF Pool Motors, CK Pool Motors, Dura-Glas before 10/97 Pool Motors, Dura-Glas after 10/97 Pool Motors, Dura-Glas 2 after 10/97 Pool Motors, Dura-Glas H/L Pool Motors, Dura Jet Pool Motors, Dyna-Glas Pool Motors and Dyna Max Pool Motors, Dyna-Jet, TPE, and TPR Series Pool Motors, Dyna-Wave MPRA6B-143L Pool Motors, HF, HHF, HPA Pool Motors, JW and JWA5 Series Pool Motors, JWPA Series Pool Motors, Max E Glas Pool Motors, Max-E-Glas 2 before 10/97 Pool Motors, Max-E-Glas 2 after 10/97 Pool Motors 

Swimquip Pool Motors:

XL-VI Pool Motors, XL-VII Pool Motors, XL, VI/XL, VII Pool Motors

Vico/Ultra Jet Spa Motors:

Ultra Flow Spa Motors

WaterAce/MSP Myers Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

RSP7, RSP10, RSP15 Pool and Spa Motors

WaterCo Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

Aquamite Pool Motors, AquaStream Pool Motors, HydroStar Pool Motors, HydroStrorm Pool Motors, SupaMite Pool Motors, SupaStream Pool Motors, SUPATUF Pool Motors

WaterWay Pool Motors and Spa Motors:

WaterWay Bath Pump, Hi-Flo (side & center discharge), Super Flo (side discharge), Workhorse (side discharge) Pool or Spa Motors, WaterWay Supreme Pool Motors and Spa Motors, WaterWay SVL56 Series Pool Motors and Spa Motors, WaterWay Workman Pool Motors and Spa Motors

Wet Institute Pool Motors:

WA Pool Motors

WMC Pool Motors:

AT Series Pool Motors, JS Series Pool Motors

Motor Installation Information
You can find information on your existing motor label that will help you in selecting the correct replacement. Some important information to find is the frame, RPM, amperage, horse power, shaft (threaded or keyed), single or three phase, and if your motor is a square flange or a C faced motor. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-544-3730 if you have questions or need assistance in selecting the correct motor for your application! At Swimming Pool Etc we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our cross referencing information, but the customer is responsible for verifying their motor and parts selections prior to ordering. 

To determine if you have a Full Rate or an Up Rate motor you will first need to find the motor's service factor (S.F). This number along with the motor's horsepower, can be found by searching the motor's label. Once the service factor is located, use the chart below to determine the rate of your motor.

Full Rated Motors
Up Rated Motors

1/3 HP Typical Service Factor = 2.0
1/2 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.95
3/4 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.65
1 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.65
1.5 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.50
2 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.30


1/2 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.30
3/4 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.25
1 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.25
1.5 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.10
2 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.10
2.5 HP Typical Service Factor = 1.04


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