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Pentair AmerGlow™ Fiber Optic Cable - 50 Ft. Roll - 21001000 - PEN-21001000
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Our Price: $675.00
Retail:  $878.00
Product SKU: PEN-21001000
Manufacturer: Pentair
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Product Information

Pentair AmerGlow™ Fiber Optic Cable - 50 Ft. Roll - 21001000

Pentair AmerGlow™ Fiber Optic Cable - 50 Ft. Roll - 21001000

Pentair FIBERworks®
AmerGlow™ Fiber Optic Cable


AmerFlow™ 325, 225 and 170 – Single or twin lights in the pool end – AmerGlow™ 325 fiber cable for single light installations that demand the brightest cable in the industry for the most demanding installations with a single conduit. AmerGlow™ 325, 225 or 170 Single or twin lights in pool end – These super capacity fiber optic cables are used in the end wall to illuminate the entire pool. They can be fed through 1 or 1-1/2 inch rigid conduit.
AmerGlow™ 100, 70s – Multiple Lights in Pool Sides – The AmerGlow 100 and AmerGlow 70 can be used for multiple lights on the side of the pool.
AmerGlow™ 100, 70, 50 and 30 – Spa Installations – AmerGlow™ 30 fiber optic cable delivers superior light for most spas.
AmerGlow 100, 70 or 50 may be used for extra large spas, spas with glass block dam wall, or long cable runs.
AmerGlow 100, 70, 50, 30 and 12 – Shadow Illumination, Step and Landscape Light – AmerGlow 30 is perfect for steps, small shadows or basic landscape illumination. AmerGlow 50 is used for more demanding requirements including waterfalls, fountains and longer runs. AmerGlow 100 and 70 can be used for washing large shadows, longer runs, or for more intense lighting.

• Wide-angle lens included in all assemblies
• Dense cable for installations in one inch conduit. Dense cable jacket for one inch or smaller conduit.
• Factory pre-cut, pre-OptiFused cable for convenience and superior light transmission. Requires the separate purchase of a gunite, vinyl or fiberglass “lens housing only.”
• Highest quality fiber termination system available, for superior light transmission

Lens assembly complete for gunite, invisible gunite, vinyl or fiberglass purchased separately.

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