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Pool Pump | Pentair Pump | Dynamo | 340210

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Our Price: $226.00
Retail:  $294.00
Product SKU: PEN-340210
Manufacturer: Pentair
Shipping: Free Shipping, Guaranteed Low Price!
Stock Status: Pool Pumps typically ship within two business days of your order being processed.

Product Information

Dynamo™ pumps are an example of excellence in hydraulic engineering for that elusive combination of high efficiency and longevity. The key is a proprietary internal design evolved and refined over the past 40 years. The result is the ability to minimize friction and turbulence as water moves through the pump. Other pumps simply work harder, consume more energy and make more noise. By contrast, Dynamo™ pumps are so efficient they typically require lower horsepower motors to deliver the same amount of required flow - this slashes energy costs and saves you money. Superior efficiency also translates directly into quieter operation so you can enjoy your pool environment without annoying equipment noise. Put a Dynamo to work on your pool for maximum performance and value over the long term.


Features include:

  • Unique diffuser and impeller provide excellent pressure performance across a wide range of desired flow rates - the hydraulic efficiency that keeps operating costs at a minimum and your money in your pocket.
  • Self-priming design protects internal components and ensures long life.
  • Components are constructed from fiberglass reinforced material for superior strength, durability and resistance to aging and adverse elements.
  • Three horsepower ratings available to precisely match up with your pool’s circulation needs.
  • Large capacity basket with see-thru lid.
  • Easy access drain plugs.
  • Available in a variety of models to meet your exact requirements - single-speed with cord and on/off switch; single-speed with cord, base and on/off switch; single- or two-speed without cord.
  • Power end can be removed easily for service or winterizing without disturbing piping or pump support base.
  • Every Dynamo pump is performance and pressure tested prior to shipment to ensure superior quality.


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Pentair Dynamo 1.5 hp Aboveground Pool Pump - With Cord - 340210

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Our Price: $34.00
Retail:  $43.00
Product SKU: WAT-R221016
Manufacturer: Pentair
Shipping: Free Shipping, Guaranteed Low Price!
Stock Status: Covers typically ship within 24-48 hours of processing your order.

Product Information
Pool Pump Motors are expensive. Protect your investment! This motor cover helps prevent the damaged caused by rain, sun, and the elements. Fits all 1/3 to 2 HP Outdoor Electric Motors on pool pumps. It is adjustable to fit the different lengths of motors and will keep your pool pump motor protected so it lasts longer.

Additional item used with the product shown above

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