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Nexxus/Next Step Pool Lighting

Fiber Optic Lighting and LED Lighting for Pools, Spas and Fountains

Man has been aware of the power of color for millennia. Mix color and water and the effect increases exponentially. No other company is as dedicated to the backyard lighting experience as Nexxus Lighting. 

 For homeowners with existing pool's that want to add color, there is the LED Galaxy Light for pools and spas. The Galaxy replacement screws into the existing pool or spa fixture and presto! With the flick of a switch 7 different color modes can be controlled. 

 Be sure to check out all of the exciting fiber optic pool lighting and LED lighting systems from Nexxus Lighting like the new SAVI Pool and SAVI Spa lights for new pool and spa construction. It will illuminate your pool or spa by using the brightest LED technology in the world!



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