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Safety Pool Covers
Winter Pool Covers
Winter Leaf Covers
Solar Covers
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Swimming Pool Safety Covers


Winter Covers @ Low Low Prices

Dollar For Dollar You Won't Buy a Better Cover!  Made from tough polyethylene fabric...time-tested! It's the toughest, most durable material available. Won't crack, split, or tear from the cold! Lightweight... easier to put on and take off your pool. Takes up less room to store, too! "Hold-tite" reinforced seams... last longer! Won't rip, fray or come apart. Competitively priced...we dare to compare with others! 



In-Ground Pool Winter Covers

Above Ground Pool Winter Covers



Pool Leaf Covers



Pool Solar Covers



Swimming Pool Covers
There are two main reasons to invest in a cover for your pool: A cover can reduce your overall pool maintenance cost, including heating and chemical use, and it could prevent a serious accident. Not all pool covers do both, but there is enough variety out there to find the cover that best suits your needs. Or it may make sense to get two covers.

Safety Covers
Our safety cover meets the requirements in ASTM F1346-91 (1996). ASTM standards require that a cover will be able to support the weight of a small child if the child should walk on the cover. There are some covers that let your drain standing water so that accumulation from rain or other sources does not become a hazard. These types of cover are made of a tough mesh material and a re-anchored to the pool deck with stainless-steel hardware. This is the type of cover to use to cover the pool in the off season.  And you have peace of mind in knowing that when you do leave your pool unattended for a significant amount of time, it is secured.

Winter Covers
Winter covers are great for the cold winter months when your pool is not in use.  They can protect your pool from debris and dirt while your pool is closed.  Inground pools can use tie downs or waterbags to secure the cover whereas aboveground pools typically employ a winch/rope combimation to cinch the cover tightly around the pool.  An inflatable air pillow (two on larger pools) can be used to float in the middle underneath a solid cover making it easier to remove sticks and leaves.

Solar Covers
Solar Covers raise the pool water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day (as much as 15 degrees!) and retaining the heat at night. Solar pool covers  retain the heat put in by your gas pool heater, electric pool heater or roof mounted solar heater, savings hundreds of dollars per year in pool heating costs!. Savings also come from a reduction in water evaporation and chemical evaporation. Solar pool cover material is highly resistant to UV rays and extremely resistant to puncture.  They are easy to remove and store with a handy solar cover reel.




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