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Pool Heaters

Click here for useful information to assist you in selecting your pool or spa heater!

Residential Pool Heaters, Spa Heaters and Heat Pumps

Don't forget to protect your investment with a high-quality and affordable Pool Heater Cover!

Propane Pool Heaters
100-200K BTU Pool Heaters 200-300K BTU Pool Heaters 300-400K BTU + Pool Heaters

Natural Gas Pool Heaters
100-200K BTU Pool Heaters 200-300K BTU Pool Heaters 300-400K BTU + Pool Heaters

Aboveground Pool or Spa Heaters
Electric Spa Heaters Natural Gas and Propane Spa Heaters

Pool Heat Pumps
<100K BTU Heat Pumps 100-200K BTU Heat Pumps  Heat Pumps with Chillers - Heat/Cool Pumps

Pool Solar Heaters
Aboveground Pool Solar Heaters Inground Pool Solar Heaters Solar Heater Accessories

Oil Fired Pool Heaters
Columbia Oil Fired Pool Heaters 140K-350K BTU

Commercial Pool Heaters

Commercial Pool Heaters 200k-4,000,000 BTU

Swimming Pool / Spa Heaters
Teledyne Laars Jandy Pool Heaters Hayward Pool Heaters
  In Ground Pool Heaters
  -  Jandy Hi E2 Heaters
  -  Jandy LXi Heaters Low NOx Heaters
  -  Jandy Legacy Heaters

  In Ground Pool Heaters
  -  Hayward H - Series Universal Low NOx Heaters 
  -  Hayward H - Series Heaters
  Above Ground Pool/Spa Heater
  -  Hayward H100ID1 AG/Spa Heaters 
  -  Hayward Electric Spa Heaters
Raypak Swimming Pool Heaters Pentair Swimming Pool Heaters
  In Ground Pool Heaters
  - Raypak Digital Heaters 
  - RayPak Digital Cupro Nickel Heaters
  - Raypak Digital Low NOx Heaters
  - Raypak Digital ASME Pool Heaters
  - RayPak Millivolt 
  - RayPak Versa 055 Spa Heaters
  - RayPak Versa 130 Pool and Spa Heaters
  - RayPak Electric Spa Heaters
  -RayPak RayTherm Commercial Heaters
  In Ground Pool Heaters
  - Pentair Master Temp Low NOx Heaters
  - Pentair Minimax CH Heaters

Above Ground Pool/Spa Heater
  - Pentair Minimax 100 Heaters 
  - Pentair Minimax 75 Heatersr
Sta-Rite Swimming Pool Heaters Commercial High Capacity Heater
  In Ground Pool Heaters
 - Sta Rite Max E Therm Low NOx Heaters
  In Ground Pool Heaters
 - Teledyne Laars Mighty Therm
 - RayPak Ray Therm

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Hayward Heat Pumps

Raypak Heat Pumps
  Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
 - Hayward Heat Pro
  Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
 - Raypak/Rheem
Pentair Heat Pumps Teledyne Laars Jandy Heat Pumps
  Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
 -  Pentair Ultra Temp High Performance
  Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
 - Air Energy Series
Solar Heaters Oil Fired Pool Heaters

In Ground Solar Heaters
 - S601 Solar Heaters

Above Ground Solar Heaters
 - S220 Solar Heaters
 - S421 Solar Heaters

- Solar Heater Accessories

Columbia Oil Fired Pool Heaters

Pool Heater Covers

 - Weather Out Universal Cover

Get more pleasure from your pool!  You can significantly extend your pool season with a pool heater like the ones we have listed above.  In cooler areas of the country a heater lets you open the pool earlier in the spring and keep it open longer into the fall. In warmer regions, a pool heater may allow you to use your pool almost year round.

You can find more information on selecting the right heating device for your pool or spa here!

Swimming Pool Gas Heaters

High efficiency pool heaters are now available that are 89-95% efficient. Heater efficiency is the ratio of usable output to energy input.  Look for Raypak, Hayward, Pentair and Sta Rite for the best made USA pool heaters.

Swimming Pool Oil Fired Gas Heaters
Oil-fired pool heaters are a good choice in areas where natural gas is unavailable but home heating oil is. Columbia Oil fired pool heaters are among the best made oil fired heaters money can buy.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
Though expensive, heat pumps are energy efficient and last a long time. They are not effective spa heaters because they take a long time to heat the water in the spa. Because they rely in part on taking warmth from the air, the hotter the surrounding temperature, the better and quicker they work.

Low Nox Heaters
Low Nox heaters are required when installing a new Natural Gas heater in Texas, and the following California Counties: Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino.




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