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Swimming Pool Pumps

There are different kinds of pool and spa pumps - single speed, dual speed, and variable speed - but they all accomplish the same task - circulating your Pool or Spa Water.

Single speed pool pumps are inexpensive, but they are limited to only operating at one speed - full blast.  This can needlessly consume energy resulting in higher energy bills.

Dual speed pool pumps and spa pumps can operate at a high speed or a low speed.  For spas the high speed is used to run the jets while the low speed is used for circulation.  Similarly, in pools the high speed is used to power a pool cleaner whereas the low speed is used for regular circulation.  By running at the low speed most of the time, these pumps conserve energy and the result is money saved on energy expenses.  See the link below for information on government rebates for energy efficient pool equipment purchases.

Variable speed pumps are the most efficient pumps on the market.  They can run at many different speeds depending on the task at hand.  By utilizing the lowest needed speed, a variable speed pump can save you up to 58% or more on your energy expenses.  There are also substantial rebates available to assist home owners in changing to these energy efficient pool pumps. 

Many utility companies offer rebates to help you change your equipment to newer and more efficient pool equipment - check here for Utility Company and Federal Rebate Programs that may assist you with money back on your purchases! 

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