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PoolEye Perimeter IG Pool Alarm - PE41 - SMTP-PE41
PoolEye Perimeter IG Pool Alarm - PE41
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Our Price: $290.00
Retail:  $376.00
Product SKU: SMTP-PE41
Manufacturer: PoolEye
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Product Information

PoolEye Perimeter IG Pool Alarm - PE41

Pooleye™ Inground Perimeter Infrared Pool Alarm w/ Remote

PoolEye™ alarms are equipped with the most advanced pool alarm technology available. PoolEye™ alerts you to accidental falls into the pool and unwanted pool intrusion while eliminating false alarms from wind, rain, falling leaves, etc. It detects objects weighing 15 lbs or more entering the pool, and all models feature adjustable sensitivity. A PoolEye™ alarm is an essential addition to any pool safety program.

From the manufacturers of the renowned PoolEye™ swimming pool alarm, SmartPool is proud to introduce the new alarm, designed to meet all NF P90-307 standards.


This product does not replace the need for adult supervision of all persons in the pool area. It is not a life saving device. It is an aid to a multi level program of pool safety including adult supervision, knowledge of CPR and swimming instruction for all persons using the pool or pool area. It is intended for use on residential pools only and the manufacturer assumes NO responsibility for injuries or consequential property damage while this product is in use on a swimming pool. Proper installation and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the pool owner.


  • Complete perimeter protection up to 20 meters
  • Fewer false alarms with advanced SMARTPOOL SMARTFENCE software.
  • Not effected by outside forces: wind rain, etc.
  • Works easily with all forms of pool cleaning robots.
  • Powerful 101 dB alert siren
  • Pass mode allows for entry and automatically rearms at preset intervals.
  • Battery back up provides 6 hours of perimeter protection even in the event of a power outage.
  • Unit emits low AC "CHIRP" to alert consumer that there has been an interruption in their source voltage.
  • Installs in minutes with common tools.

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PoolEye Perimeter IG Pool Alarm - PE41

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