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AquaPill 3 - Scale Inhibitor (PREVENT) - SMTP-AP03
AquaPill 3 - Scale Inhibitor (PREVENT)
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Our Price: $19.00
Retail:  $24.00
Product SKU: SMTP-AP03
Manufacturer: AquaPill 3 - Scale Inhibitor (PREVENT)
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Product Information

AquaPill 3 - Scale Inhibitor (PREVENT)

Water Treatment - YardGuard AquaPill 3 - Scale Inhibitor (PREVENT)

AquaPill is a unique line of specialty pool chemicals, for residential pools , in a patented time release delivery system. The Specialty chemicals are contained in pre-filled, ready to use plastic capsules that are placed directly into the pool or skimmer basket, with out any mixing or measuring. As the water circulates, the chemical slowly disperses into the water to treat the pool.

High levels of calcium hardness can lead to damaging scale deposits on pool surfaces, piping, filtration and heating systems. Regular use of AquaPill Scale Inhibitor will ensure optimum performance of pool equipment by controlling the buildup of mineral scale. AquaPill Scale Inhibitor contains a non-toxic polymer, which prevents calcium precipitation. It is released into the water circulation system where calcium scale formation can be most damaging. Use bi-weekly for trouble-free pools.

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