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Sta-Rite Pool Products:

Operating since 1934, Sta-Rite began when its founder built a pump that he said was "Built right to Stay right".  A people-oriented company, Sta-Rite believes in providing quality pool and water movement products to the public and wants to help solve the problem of "water never being where you want it to be".

Sta-Rite Pool Filters

Sta-Rite makes a full line of cartridge, DE, and Sand filters to meet the needs of even the most particular and value minded pool owners!  Built with durability and the end-user in mind, Sta-Rite products are pool-owner friendly and there for you season after season.

Sta-Rite Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are typically viewed as the simplest and most affordable filtration option.  Cartridges of filtration media catch impurities in the water as it flows through the filter, and the water is then returned to your pool - clean!
  • Posi-Clear  - These Sta-Rite cartridge filters are work horses!  They are designed to be simple to use, and durable enough to last season after season!
  • System 2 Modular Media Cartridge Filters  - These filters are designed for ease of use.  The unique modular media design can trap and hold more dirt - meaning you have to clean your filter out less often!
  • System 3 Modular Media Cartridge Filters - Sta Rite created a whole new filtration option with these filters - they are eco-friendly as well as user friendly- requiring only the bare minimum of upkeep!

Sta-Rite DE Filters

DE filters use the ground fossilized exoskeletons of Diatoms to clean your water.  Sound like science fiction?  We agree!  But it also provides the clearest and cleanest pool water of any available method.

Sta-Rite Sand Filters 

 Yes, using sand to clean your pool may sound strange - but it works!  Little bits of debris and impurities are caught in the sand beds, resulting in clean and clear water flowing back into your pool.

  • Sta- Rite Cristal-Flo II Sand Filters - This is one tough cookie of a sand filter!  It is durable, reliable, and offers dependable performance.  The extra thick tank is built to survive the toughest outdoor conditions.
  • Sta-Rite System 3 Sand Filters - Highly effective, this sand filter is also the safest available.  The deeper sand beds means less frequent back washing - which translates to less water loss as well as less work for you!

Sta-Rite Replacement Filter Cartridges by Unicel or Equivalent


Sta-Rite Pool Heaters

Extend your pool season and get the most out of your pool and spa!  Your pool and spa area is an investment in enjoyment - why should the good times end with the first cool weather?  With a Sta-Rite heater the fun can last well into the standard off-season, making the most of your investment!

Sta Rite Inground Pool Heaters

  • Max-E-Therm Low Nox Pool Heaters - They may look funny, but they work! These pool heaters are durable and built to last!  Low Nox means that they are also friendly for the environment!

Sta-Rite Motors

These OEM motors made by AO Smith are easy to replace and can extend the life of your existing Sta-Rite pool pump.  Our convenient cross referencing guide will help you select the correct AO Smith replacement motor for your application!
  • Pool Pump Motors - Many of these motors are offered in dual speed or energy efficient versions.  Consider changing your pool motor to a more efficient model to reap the benefits of energy savings!  Or, select a guardian motor with SVRS to ensure the safety of the bathers in your pool!

Sta-Rite Pool Pumps

Sta-Rite is famous for their strong line of Commercial grade pumps - don't miss out on that kind of expertise in the water movement field!  Their residential pumps are no whimps - built with their exclusive Dura-Glas composite material that is extra-durable!

Sta-Rite Inground Pool Pumps

Sta-Rite Commercial Pool Pumps

  • CSP/CCSP Series Commercial Pool Pumps - Especially designed for commercial and public swimming pools and spas, aquatic facilities, water parks and fountain applications where high performance and self-priming are required.  This Sta-Rite pump is tough as nails and ready to work!
  • CF Series Commercial Pool Pumps - This is a bronze pump that is self-priming and comes with a lint/hair strainer.
  • D Series Commercial Pool Pumps  - This is a cast iron, self-priming centrifugal pump that is designed for commercial applications that need HIGH PERFORMANCE!

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